Terry Read on Go as a Way Opens

New arrivals on mission fields today ask, “Where is my computer and my office?” Swanee and Karen asked when arriving on a new field, “Where are the needs? Who are the needy people? What do they need? How can we help?”

Go as a Way Opens is easy to read, informational, inspirational, and convicting. Working with this couple over the years have left us impressed with their total honesty, willingness to suffer hardships that few missionaries are called to endure today, and to work solo when that was the only option. They did not have the luxury of denominational support, but were innovative enough to begin GAP International which helped complete numerous tasks, provided support for their own needs, and allowed friends at home to invest in the lives of others in a biblical way.

Swanee and Karen have always found a way to laugh in difficult situations, to form friendships with those of very different cultures, and to learn from those they came to serve. They are endowed with a deep sense of justice and a willingness to insist on accountability and total honesty among those they came to serve, including church leaders. The book quietly demonstrates that it is possible to develop hardened skin working in a very different culture from our own without developing a hardened heart.

Terry Read, Missionary
Church of the Nazarene