Storian Press

At Storian Press, we craft words in an effort to articulate imaginative and invigorating ideas.  We seek to enrich the lives of readers.

A fabricated word, “storian” is the composite of the noun “story” with the suffix “-ian.” The suffix means “a person who specializes or is expert in,” so one of the features of Storian Press is a specialization in the telling of story or narration.

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Keith Schwanz formed Storian Press in January 2013. Motivated by the conviction that we live in times of discontinuous change — the shift doesn’t sync with what we’ve known — Keith started Storian Press to provide a creative outlet to those persons who can articulate a way out of the chaos. Traditional publishers seek authors who have an established “platform.” But those persons on the margins who have experienced the discontinuous change most profoundly probably don’t have the built-in audience a traditional publisher expects. Storian Press will work with writers just beginning to find their voice to bring their insights to the larger community.

Storian Press works from a Christian worldview, so books about the Christian life and the church fit in its publishing plans. Books that deal with working for the common good could be part of the growing catalog, even if they do not have an explicit Christian point of view. Please use the contact page to initiate a conversation with Keith about insights you have that might be crafted into a book.

A Storian Press Writers Group developed One in Christ: Reconciliation, Justice, and Mutuality. Most of the persons had not contributed to a book project previously. Additional Storian Press Writers Groups will be formed to orient persons to the writing process as they produce a multi-author book.

Storian Press can provide author services, everything needed from developmental editing to placing an order with the printer. Please contact Keith for information about ghost writing, project development and management, editing, typesetting, or graphic design.