Merritt Taylor on Go as a Way Opens

When my family and I moved to Haiti to work on a USAID agricultural development project, we worshipped at home for a few weeks but discovered that we needed to fellowship with other Christians. We found a congregation whose members were mostly missionaries who wanted to worship in English once in a while, so many Christian traditions were represented in that congregation. Swanee and I eventually became elders of the Quisqueya Chapel. I always felt that that little congregation and Swanee reflected how God wanted people from different denominations to work together for God’s glory.

One evening my family had invited all of the youth from the Quisqueya congregation to swim in our pool. Most of the parents came also. Swanee was standing on the top of the steps leading to the pool talking with several men, but he kept his eyes on the kids in the pool. All of a sudden he ran down the steps, got on his knees, and pulled out a boy who had sunk in the water. The boy did not know how to swim, but since the other kids were in the water he just jumped in. The boy would have drowned if Swanee had not been vigilant. He was always watching out for the children’s safety.

Just as I witnessed in Haiti, the stories in Go as a Way Opens show a man who faithfully followed God.

Merritt Taylor, Director of Ag Research
Oklahoma State University