Linda Adams on Go as a Way Opens

Go As a Way Opens is great storytelling. Reading it was like sitting around a campfire, listening to colorful back stories of places I’ve grown to love in Haiti and Kenya. I’ve never imagined Dessalines without Claire Heureuse Hospital or the Free Methodist school building, but Swanee led the crews that constructed both. I could almost taste the rice and beans the workers ate off squares of paper from cement bags. I wept at the scene of a congregation jumping for joy that their combined four offerings raised $2.85. I smiled to hear a woman singing while she bathed with water collected in a pothole. I mourned as a young father silently carried a small casket up a hill.

The people in the stories show such amazing resourcefulness, perseverance, and wit that it’s no wonder Swanee and Karen loved them and found joy in serving the Lord among them.  We all have a lot to learn from this memoir and the lives of the people in it. Read it and share it!

Linda Adams, Director
International Child Care Ministries, Free Methodist Church