John Stumbo on Go as a Way Opens

I turn down requests to endorse books on a monthly basis, but I had to say “yes” to this one for two reasons. First, it’s a book truly worth reading. Engaging, challenging, enjoyable and enlightening, this book will enlarge the reader. Second, the Swanee that I met in 1978 is the same guy I read about in these pages. I was one of the teens under his leadership during his early experiences in Haiti. We only had that summer together, but the imprint that he, Karen, and their girls made upon me has lasted a lifetime.

Swanee is a hammer-swinging, Jesus-loving, storytelling, kingdom-building, straight-shooting saint. Swanee and Karen chose “let’s do it” over “let’s buy it.” This decision led to many others: “let’s give it” over “let’s hoard it;” “let’s risk it” over “let’s play it safe;” “let’s enter it” rather than “let’s avoid it.” The Swanee I met decades ago saw the brokenness of this world and believed he could do something about it. The Swanee I meet in this book continues to face the world in the same manner. Through these pages, you’ll enjoy meeting him, too.

May God use Go as a Way Opens to raise up another generation of those who, through the love of Jesus, see a broken world and give their all to doing something about it.

John Stumbo, President
U. S. Christian and Missionary Alliance