Jo Anne Lyon on Go as a Way Opens

This is not an ordinary story of people who have lived in tough places. This is a chronicle of people who truly believed in and lived out dependence on God. This memoir is an adventure for the reader as well. The storytelling is captivating. I felt as if I was riding in that boat in a raging storm on my way from the island of La Gonâve, Haiti, trying to balance a large concrete mixer. I could not turn the page fast enough to see what happened with Swanee’s liver transplant and what a God surprise I found!

But more, I saw the mirror of the complacency of the North American church. I repented.

Swanee and Karen exhibited the courage to “step into the water” and move. I am reminded of what the old rabbis used to say about the children of Israel leaving Egypt: “the water didn’t part until it got to their nostrils.” Yes, Swanee and Karen experienced the water to their nostrils, and, yes, the water parted!

May Go as a Way Opens encourage thousands of Swanees and Karens to take risks for God and others.

Jo Anne Lyon, General Superintendent
The Wesleyan Church