Conversations on Holiness

Conversations on Holiness edited by Keith M. Davenport (Beacon Hill Press)

Libby Tedder Hugus, contributor

When people hear competing–even contradicting–descriptions of holiness they sometimes become doubtful it can be a reality in their own lives. Like most divine things, holiness is difficult to describe and capture in one complete way. This work embraces the richness of holiness by putting side-by-side various understandings of holiness and sanctification from a diverse group of Nazarene pastors, leaders, and scholars. These writers demonstrate the variety of ways this work of God is understood and lived out. The contributors are aged twenty-something to eighty-something and are a mixture of amateurs and experts in the field of theology. Holiness is a dynamic reality that exists in tensions such as instant and process, now and later, and individual and social. One thing is certain, however: holiness is a gift from and a work of God that He originates, initiates, and sustains in the life of the believer.