Go as a Way Opens


Swanee Schwanz and his wife, Karen, are truly those who “stand in the gap.” Their amazing life story is one of love and compassion and a faith that compels them to be available for God’s purpose.

Alan Krashesky, TV Broadcast Journalist

Swanee is a hammer-swinging, Jesus-loving, storytelling, straight-shooting saint. May God use Go as a Way Opens to raise up another generation of those who, through the love of Jesus, see a broken world and give their all to doing something about it. read more

John Stumbo, President
U. S. Christian and Missionary Alliance

You will find in each chapter a challenging lesson that will both delight and instruct you. Go as a Way Opens will cause you to deeply reflect on your own faith in and obedience to the Lord Jesus. read more

William (Bill) Vermillion, Vice President of Theological Education
One Mission Society

Go as a Way Opens is not for the faint of heart, but an adrenalized adventure into the way-stations of human pain and need. This is a dramatic read. Just be prepared for a raucous ride. read more

Fletcher Tink, Vice President for Academic Affairs
Union University of California

Go as a Way Opens is a chronicle of people who truly believed in and lived out dependence on God. The storytelling is captivating. May Go as a Way Opens encourage thousands of Swanees and Karens to take risks for God and others. read more

Jo Anne Lyon, General Superintendent
The Wesleyan Church

When I met Swanee and Karen in 1991, the contagious passion of this couple caused our short-term mission team to “catch” a greater vision for global mission. In reading Go as a Way Opens, I am again challenged to full participation in the mission of God. read more

Daniel Copp, Global Clergy Development Director
Church of the Nazarene

I met Swanee and Karen in Haiti when I worked with USAID. I saw Swanee watching out for children and his ability to work effectively with various Christian denominations. Just as I witnessed in Haiti, the stories in Go as a Way Opens show a man who faithfully followed God. read more

Merritt Taylor, Director of Ag Research
Oklahoma State University

Swanee and Karen made a lasting and significant contribution to the World Gospel Mission work in Kenya and Uganda and reflected authentic servant ministry.  You will find this book an exciting and challenging experience. read more

Thomas Hermiz, General Superintendent
Churches of Christ in Christian Union

I have never heard Swanee preach with words, but he certainly communicates with actions. Go as a Way Opens will challenge you to reflect on how your own talents may be used to share the gospel of Jesus Christ. read more

Richard Snook, President
Missionary Flights International

Go As a Way Opens is great storytelling. The people in the stories show such amazing resourcefulness, perseverance, and wit. We all have a lot to learn from this memoir and the lives of the people in it. Read it and share it! read more

Linda Adams, Director
International Child Care Ministries, Free Methodist Church

This book is easy to read, informational, inspirational, and convicting. Swanee and Karen found a way to laugh in difficult situations, to form friendships with those of very different cultures, and to learn from those they came to serve. read more

Terry Read, Missionary
Church of the Nazarene



Go as a Way Opens is the memoir of a man who constructed more than 250 buildings in eleven countries, from a hospital in Dessalines, Haiti, to the first church building in Ng’rong, Kenya, to a seminary library in Bangarapet, India. The construction projects, however, were just the venue for something greater.

For Swanee Schwanz, life’s ultimate work involved caring for and empowering people who suffered. Through story, you will walk with a teenager whose face was disfigured by cancer and stand with a mother of four when she learned she had AIDS. You will see young men begin to work with Swanee as laborers and leave equipped to be contractors. You will go to hospitals and clinics in Haiti, Kenya, Uganda, and Swaziland to see how a carpenter can increase the capacity of healthcare professionals to respond to medical needs. You will stand face to face with a man who raped a twelve-year-old girl as an advocate for those who suffer. You will marvel at the hospitality that welcomes Muslims, Hindus, Sikhs, and Christians at a fifty-fourth birthday party. You will be inspired when you watch a Ugandan man graciously care for a neighbor dying of AIDS, the same woman who poisoned his wife.

The best stories will cause you to look away from the page, even for a moment, so you can reflect on the implications of what you just read.

The prophet Micah urged people to act justly, to love mercy, and to walk humbly with God. This memoir shows what the prophet’s vision looks like in the life of a man willing to Go as a Way Opens.

Go as a Way Opens: a memoir is available in paperback. Click here for a one-page description of the book (PDF).